Bank PO Exam (10 Questions/ 10Min)
Demonstrates a Reading Comprehension question and multiple choice questions

GATE ECE 2012 (23 Questions/ 60Min)
Demonstrates a pdf file based test. Input pdf file is presented as question paper and a supporting answer key can be defined using a simple file. Extremely quick turnaround time.

English Grammar (10 Questions/ 10Min)
Demonstrates 'Fill in the blanks' and 'Choose from dropdown' type of questions

Adding fractions (10 Questions/ 10Min)
Demonstrates how fractions are rendered. Numeric answers where correct answer can be within a defined range or defined with tolerance are also demonstrated

Basic Numerical Ability (8 Questions/ 15Min)
Demonstrates Multi-answer multiple choice, Single answer multiple choice, Numeric answer, Mixed answer question. Further, this is a practice test where answers are shown immediately after answering, very useful during learning.

Learning Ratio and Proportion (13 Questions/ 30Min)
Demonstrates how a practice test can be used for assessment driven learning.